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Sagiri is a hikikomori who does not get along with others. She is shy, loves to draw and is easily embarrassed. At first, she cared little for her brother but eventually opens up to him. She is normally very quiet and has to use a speaker to be heard, but whenever she's on webcam drawing live, she is more lively (though still careful to hide her face). Sagiri is also a neat person who keeps her things clean. She is easily prone to anger and jealousy and is more worried and possessive about her brother than she would admit, to the point that she sometimes throws tantrums. She hopes to watch an anime created by her and Masamune together. Due to her shyness, she refuses to call her self 'Eromanga' because of how perverted the name sounds and denies having such a perverted name; despite that, she admits that she enjoys drawing erotic images. Sagiri is also stubborn, when Masamune forgot to bring her food for a few days, she refused to leave her room to get food because she felt like she'd have lost. Due to fear and embarrassment, on her live video feeds, Sagiri disguised her voice as male.


Sagiri is more than just a girl to me.

Shes a loli

She wears cute pyjamas